Key AI discussions

What people aren’t talking enough about

Will Murphy
6 min readMar 3, 2019

Additional notes inspired by Rob May’s article here.

Rob and I go way back and this is the type of thing we talk about over beers. I feel obliged to add some notes of my own. I wish I vehemently disagreed on something. That would perhaps make for a more interesting post.

I will also give the caveat I give in talks at AI conferences — I don’t claim to be an expert on AI trying to innovate. I’m an expert on innovation trying to work on AI.

Here are 5 key, interesting things to discuss around AI:

  1. AI innovation is limited

Innovation is one of the things I’ve spent time studying and trying to intentionally create across many products and technologies. The media likes to create clickable news across a wide array of topics (I suppose all topics).

So, when I talk to experts (no matter the expertise) they have some level of eye-rolling concerning the media. Nuance gets oversimplified.

There’s a lot more to come: “AI fields like symbolic logic, evolutionary algorithms, and others have hardly been touched, and even for neural nets much of the work has been researchy, and is difficult to translate into applications.” (Inside AI)

As with most technologies, I advise people to lower expectations on what can be accomplished in 2 years and raise expectations on what they think can be expected in 10 years. The reason this…